Institutional Help

$ 5000.00

Building Rental
Maintain the Institute
Vehicle Maintenance
Professional Payment
Other Expenses

Social Development

$ 50000.00

Social Projects
Educational Projects
Distribution of Medicines
Creation of Shelters
Support Needy Population

Sustainable Projects

$ 100000.00

Project Development
Ecological Projects
Sustainable Projects
Reforestation Projects
Road Construction

Engineering Projects

$ 500000.00

Creation of Roads
Paving of Streets
Small Town Support
Boat Constructions
Bridge Constructions

Combating Deforestation

$ 5000000.00

Combating Deforestation
Fire Fighting
Help for Indigenous Villages
Subsistence Projects
Sharing with other NGOs

Basic Donation

$ 1000.00

Donation for
capital expansion
and continued use
in expenses
and projects