Art. 2 - IDESA AMAZONIA has the following purposes:

I - Promotion of ethics, peace, citizenship, human rights, democracy and other universal values;

II - Promoting economic, social and anti-poverty development, starting with grassroots communities around the world;

III - Promote and sponsor studies, public opinion polls, analyzes in the political, economic, social and cultural areas, on the Amazonian, Brazilian and international realities;

IV - Organize topics for study cycles, conferences, seminars and symposiums on the social, economic, cultural and ecological development of the Amazon region and around the world;

V - To celebrate and maintain agreements, agreements, exchanges with public and private, national and international entities;

VI - Edit publications, TV programs, videos, films and other media with a view to dissemination and professional training focused on the interests of regional development;

VII - Develop, carry out, develop projects of a community nature and interest worldwide, such as programs and training courses, income generation, transportation through planning, construction of roads to the main agricultural production. Provide technology and soil stabilization material for the construction of urban and road pavements for public entities, companies, in order to result in ecological and sustainable pavements over time;

VIII - Develop educational, cultural programs related to human rights, citizenship and democratic education;

Art. 3 - IDESA AMAZONIA must maintain permanent autonomy, acting without any ideological or political-party ties. (Law 9.790 / 99, art.3).

Sole Paragraph - IDESA AMAZONIA does not distribute among its associates, directors, officers, employees, potential donors, operating surplus, gross or net dividends, dividends, bonuses, interests or portions of its assets, earned through the exercise of its activities, and in the pursuit of its social objective. (Law 9,790 / 99, sole paragraph of article 1)

Article 4 - In the development of its activities, IDESA AMAZONIA shall observe the principles of legality, impersonality, morality, publicity, economics and efficiency and shall not discriminate against race, color, gender, religion or ideological conviction (Law 9,790 / 99 , item I of article 4)

Paragraph One - IDESA AMAZONIA is dedicated and supports its activities through the direct execution of its projects, programs and action plans, through the donation of physical, human and financial resources, or the provision of intermediary support services to other organizations without profit organizations and public sector bodies that work in related areas.

Paragraph Two - IDESA AMAZONIA, as part of the foregoing paragraph, maintains in the world market of construction and road the chemical stabilization technology of soils for the construction of bases of main highways and roads for roads including the supply of soil stabilizer ECOLOPAVI, a trademark of its property duly registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property - INPI, as well as other auxiliary activities and services carried out in the construction of vicinal roads to finance its social projects, such as, Wholesale trade of other chemical and petrochemical products, not specified above; Construction or recovery of curb in public roads; Services of operation and supply of equipment for transport and elevation of loads and people for use in works; Passenger transport services - rental of cars with driver; Collective road transport of passengers, under charter, municipal; Car rental without driver; Rental of earthmoving machinery without operator (Law 9.790 / 99, sole paragraph of article 3).

Article 5 - The Institution will discipline its operation by means of Normative Orders, issued by the General Assembly, and Executive Orders, issued by the Board of Executive Officers.

Article 6 - In order to fulfill its purposes, the Institution shall be organized in as many service units as necessary, being able to open offices or grant representations anywhere in the world, which shall be governed by the statutory provisions.