The foundation of our INSTITUTE was first conceived in 1999, when a group of engineers saw the need for social inclusion of a good part of the population of the Amazon region to see outside the Manus Free Zone project.

A military strategy project to populate the region of a huge territory with few inhabitants, a very low population density.

And this both in the past and today still represents a concern for those who are directly responsible for the national security of our country.

The Free Trade Area installed in 1967, until 2004 did not progress to reach the remotest points in the region and social exclusion seemed to grow every day.

The leading group by the businessman JARY MACIERL RODRIGUES, until today the president of the institution called the society for the foundation of the INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL EDUCATION OF THE AMAZON - IDESA AMAZÔNIA, with the objective of repairing such distortions and attending the unemployed and with the experiences of retired engineers, rebuilding rural roads every year destroyed by heavy rains in the region.

And on April 2, 2004, our institute was founded that until today works in the same direction, however, with the objectives much more extended as it develops a variety of business everything to raise funds for its social projects.

Our institute has never obtained financial aid from any government at any time.

All we have accomplished is the work of selfless volunteers who donate their energies and experience to help the less fortunate in our region from all over the world.